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Reasons To Rely On Frameless Glass Products For Your Household's Needs

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Glass is, indubitably, one of the most commonly utilised materials around the home — and not simply for windows. Whether you are looking to install balustrading, a shower enclosure or even pool fencing, you are guaranteed to find glass products to suit your applications. However, when selecting glass supplies for the aforementioned uses, you will have to choose from the framed, semi-framed and frameless variety. While the framed and semi-framed can prove to be more affordable when compared to the frameless options, it does not mean they are the right choice for your specific uses. Frameless glass products offer a range of advantages irrespective of how they are employed. Consider these three reasons why you should rely on frameless glass products for your household's needs.

Effortless modifications

The first reason why you should lean toward frameless glass products for your various applications is their easy modification. Frameless glass products are generally customised for their intended use rather than you having to settle for premanufactured specifications. This customisation means you are guaranteed to find products to suit definitive specifications. For instance, if you are looking to install a shower enclosure in a weirdly shaped corner and still make room for doors, you will not have to worry about standardised measurements. Instead, the frameless glass products will be modified to your precise needs. 

Clean and hygienic

A major drawback of framed and semi-framed glass products is they are bound to harbour contaminants. The space in between the glass and the frame collects anything ranging from moisture to grime. Over time, you begin to notice the framing is corroding, and this makes the product an eyesore. You should also be wary of mould, as it will thrive in these spaces. The frameless variety does not pose any of these risks, which makes it easy to clean and a hygienic option for your household.

Minimalist elegance

The third reason why frameless glass products are proving to be the top choice for many homeowners is the chic touch they add to any space they are installed in. While framed glass products are functional, the framing does make the product look bulky. For instance, if you install framed glass pool fencing, you will always notice this barrier since the framing will cause a slight obstruction to your views. Frameless glass products are barely perceptible. As long as the glass is spotless, the fencing or balustrading will not act as an imposition to your space. This minimalist appearance is not only great for views, but it is also an easy way to keep your space look open and illuminated.

To learn more about frameless glass, contact a glass contractor.