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Do's and Don'ts When Cleaning Your Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

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After installing high-quality splashbacks in your kitchen, the next thing you want to do is maintain them. Although you may not see stains on your splashbacks, it is important that you clean them regularly to keep them looking new. However, to achieve that clean, fresh, and bright look of your kitchen glass splashbacks, you need to ensure that your cleaning is right.  For this reason, have the following tips in mind next time you are cleaning your kitchen glass splashbacks.  


Cleaning Spills and Splashes As They Occur

It's easier and hygienic to remove dirt while it's still fresh. Therefore, although your splashbacks are stain-resistant, try to clean and remove any spills and splashes as soon as they occur.

Using a Variety of Cleaning Products

You shouldn't limit yourself to glass cleaners alone. This is because your kitchen glass splashbacks will be subject to different types of dirt and a single type of glass cleaner may not take care of them all. For instance, to remove grease, you will need cleaners that can cut the grease. In such a case, oven cleaners can do the trick. Nonetheless, for your everyday simple cleaning, dish soaps should suffice.

However, ensure that your glass splashback does not have painted surfaces before applying the oven cleaners because they may dissolve the paint. Also, when cleaning, use non-abrasive cleaners such as vinegar.

Having Cloth Alternatives

Lint-free cloths are often preferable for shining glass splashbacks. However, if you don't have the cloth at hand, you can consider other options such as squeegees. Make an s-motion when using a squeegee to wipe off glass cleaners from your splashbacks.

Buffing It

After cleaning and shining your glass splashback, buffing is essential because it minimises streaks. This simple procedure will require you to wipe the glass surface again with a lint-free cloth.  


Using Steel Wool

Steer clear of steel wool when wiping your kitchen glass splashbacks. Even if the splashbacks are made of toughened glass, you shouldn't assume that they are strong enough for steel wool. Steel wool can scratch your glass. Therefore, for tough elements, try using a vinyl sponge instead.

Using Paper Towels

After removing food splatters or grease, you want to shine your glass surface with a glass cleaner or vinegar to keep it sparkling. However, avoid wiping off these cleaners with a paper towel. These towels can break down, leaving lint all over your glass. Instead, use extremely absorbent materials that won't easily break down. A few options you may consider include microfiber cloths or newspapers.