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5 Reasons Why You Should Treat Damaged Glass On Your Shop Front As An Emergency

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Commercial businesses are best known for their glass fronts that allow prospective customers to get a taste of what's inside without having to actually step inside. These glass fronts serve as marketing displays for businesses such as clothing stores, cafes, restaurants, art exhibitions, retails stores, and many more. As is the nature with glass, such store fronts can get damaged due to accidents, vandalism, weather elements, or otherwise.

If this happens to your business' glass front display, it is important that you seek emergency repairs for a number of reasons.

Glass damage tends to attract vandalism

Vandals are much more likely to attack a property that has possible damage on it as compared to one without. If the glass front on your business premises is damaged, vandals might be tempted to add to the damage through paint, graffiti, scratching or even shattering the glass. Needless to say, this will only add to the damage and cost you more in repairs, not to mention put your business at risk.

Glass damage symbolises weak points that encourage burglary

Still on the issues of security, glass damage on a business front is a huge risk as it tends to showcase a weak point that can be infiltrated to gain access into the store. This is regardless of how small the damage is. The larger the damage, the easier criminals will find it to get inside and get away with your property.

Glass damage will increase with time

Crime aside, glass damage tends to increase with time. Even tiny cracks and chips that may start small will grow with time and spread across the glass front. This means that delaying glass repairs only works against you. Note that if the damage at hand is just chips and cracks, early intervention can save you money by not having to replace the glass; minor damage can be repaired through resin fills.

Insurance trouble

Your business shop front acts as more than just a display surface. It's also a significant part of your property: a wall to be specific. Therefore, if structural damage is not repaired as soon as possible and a security incident occurs, you may be responsible for contributing to it by not taking prompt action. This could mean no compensation should a burglary or vandalism event take place.

Liability issues

Last but not least, unfixed glass damage can present liability issues as well. Consumers to your business or passers-by could get damaged by loose glass shards or falling glass panes. This would place your business liable for the third party damage, costing you in personal injury costs and liability suits.

Got commercial glass front damage? Seek emergency glass repairs and avoid all the trouble listed above. Note that you can get emergency repairs for your business during normal hours, after hours, at night, on weekends, and even during holidays.