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Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

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To keep your pool safe, you need to choose attractive fencing that complies with building regulations. One option is glass pool fencing. Its benefits are outlined here.


While you might want a pool fence for safety reasons, a barrier can ruin the ambience of the setting. It can block beautiful paving from being seen from other parts of the garden. With glass balustrades, you get the best of both worlds. You have a sturdy barrier to keep children safe. However, the glass offers a clear view, so the pool area feels open and integrated with the rest of the yard.

For the best effect, install a frameless design with as little metal edging as possible. Some styles have spigots that hold the glass panels at the base. Even if your design has more obvious slimline metal posts, you'll still benefit from the open view. Seeing through the fence also increases safety, as you can keep a watch on children playing in the pool from other parts of the yard or from a house window.


Because this fencing is transparent, it blends into the background and allows other hardscape elements to come to the fore. Thus, you can appreciate stunning bluestone paving around the pool deck or a waterfall set into a wall beside the pool. You'll be able to enjoy beautiful azure pool water. On the other hand, options like tubular metal fences tend to grab attention and become a focal point themselves. In doing so, they interrupt other aspects of the design and landscape.


If you install glass fencing, you may be worried that the panels aren't sturdy enough for the outdoors. However, that's not the case, as these panels use toughened safety glass, which is designed for use around pools and other areas where people gather. The glass panels are built with protection in mind. First, they're solid and unlikely to break. Plus, they crumble into rounded balls rather than sharp pointy shards in the rare event they become damaged. So these fences are unlikely to cause injury no matter what happens.

Wind Block

Another benefit of a glass balustrade is that it acts as a wind block. If you live in a blustery area that makes it unpleasant to sit around the pool, a glass balustrade will provide a sheltered cove. This capacity to block the wind will also extend your use of the pool as you'll be able to use it even on cooler sunny days, being protected from chilly winds.