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Benefits of Frameless Shower Screens

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Does your bathroom need an overhaul? If so, you don't necessarily have to rip up all the surfaces like the tiles, vanity and counters and start again. Instead, you can have a massive impact by installing new frameless shower screens. Consider the following benefits.

Minimalist Design

Frameless shower screens have little framing that attracts attention. So these enclosures tend to blend into the background and allow other elements in the bathroom to shine. For example, beautiful travertine tiles around the shower walls and floor won't be disturbed with heavy metal frames or opaque shower curtains. Instead, see-through screens let you see all areas. This comprehensive view will make the room feel larger and more spacious, as it's not separated into two smaller spaces.

Maximized Daylight

Transparent screens allow light to flow inside the shower enclosure so that it won't feel hemmed-in. Additionally, polished glass reflects light around the room, creating a brighter overall ambience. As a result, you'll use less artificial lighting and save on energy costs. In any case, natural light most flatters bathroom colours and textures, and daylight provides better illumination for grooming also. Conversely, opaque light-absorbing matte shower curtains rob the bathroom of brightness and natural-light benefits.


Because glass screens are transparent, you might associate them with being fragile. However, showers often use tempered glass which is sturdy and long-lasting. These screens undergo a unique tempering process of rapid heating and cooling. After this, they're about five times tougher than standard glass, so they're unlikely to break. In the rare case that they do fragment, toughened glass screens crumble into multiple small balls of glass that are unlikely to cause cuts.

Easy to Clean

Shower curtains collect mould and grime, and they create a cleaning nightmare. Frameless glass screens do the opposite. They present a smooth, flat surface that you can wipe with a cloth or squeegee. They don't have any folds that are hard to reach, as do curtains. Additionally, frameless screens offer few crevices to collect soap scum and dirt, as they don't have extensive metal edging and channels.

Thus, frameless glass showers offer numerous benefits. Their see-through design makes the bathroom feel spacious. Plus, it will be brighter after the screens bounce light around the room. In addition, frameless showers are an investment that will last for many years, as the glass is long-lasting and safe. After all, these showers are required to comply with strict building regulations, so you can be assured that they're solid and secure.