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Benefits of a Tile-Look-Alike Glass Splashback in the Kitchen

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You may love the look of a traditional tiled kitchen splashback. However, the grouting around tiles requires excessive cleaning and tends to look grubby in any case eventually. To achieve a classic look without the drawbacks, you could install a glass splashback that is back-painted with a tiled image instead. You'll gain the look of tiles, but you won't have to worry about the grout. Consider the following additional benefits of these splashbacks.

Endless Design Options

You'll have endless design options when installing a tile-look-alike glass splashback. You can access numerous images on picture websites — make sure your chosen one is of high quality and appropriate resolution. Select between subway, herringbone, or mosaic tiling in diverse colours. You could select a picture of black subway tiles with white grout, or white tiles and black grout. Otherwise, go with turquoise or purple tiles. Other possibilities include a herringbone-pattern image of pink tiles with grey grout or chocolate-brown tiles against black. Of course, because the tiles form an impression on the glass back, the grout will remain pristine — white will stay white rather than turning brown or grey with dirt.

Low Maintenance

A glass splashback will maintain its looks while being easy to clean. You won't have to scrub grouting. Instead, you can wipe the glass with a microfibre cloth or gentle cleaner and enjoy the look of new grout which never decays. Additionally, glass splashbacks form a non-porous surface that is more hygienic than tiles and germy grout.

Easy Installation

Installing a glass splashback is straightforward. Contractors will need to pre-measure your kitchen wall area before cutting the glass to the correct measurements off-site. When the splashback you've ordered is ready, they'll attach the panels to the wall. Conversely, tiles require laying each tile, one by one and applying grout — a much more laborious process.

Glass splashbacks also help to disguise uneven walls because of the large glass sections that smooth over any imperfections underneath. Tiles, though, follow the curves of the wall and tend to make any wavering more apparent.

Thus, tile-look-alike glass splashbacks provide a raft of benefits. You'll have different colours, tile shapes and patterns to select from. While enjoying these classic looks, you won't have to worry about scrubbing the grout, which will remain pristine. Plus, the panel installation is easy and can help to disguise any wall problems such as roughness or unevenness.

To learn more about glass splashbacks, contact a local glass company or remodelling contractor.