Creating and Beautifying with Glass: Ideas for Crafters and Homemakers

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4 Modern Ways You Can Incorporate the Purity of Glass into Your New Home

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Are you building a new home, or maybe just renovating, and looking for something to help muster up an expression of modernity and maturity? Glass is not only easy to clean, invulnerable to UV light damage and virtually unstainable—it also offers a still very underappreciated look without going too far into the try-hard zone. Plus, glass options are great for adding furniture to your home without adding to the clutteredness as much as other options would. So, what are some modern ways you can incorporate glass into your interior design plans?

Glass Splashbacks

Are you sick of constantly having the scrub the plaster or tile grout behind your sink or stove every time you clean dishes or cook a meal? You should consider upgrading to glass splashbacks. Not only do they look a lot better than the usual plaster or tiles people have behind their sink, but they also clean much quicker, due primarily to the smoothness of glass. Plaster and tile grout are very porous, which not only makes them harder to clean but also leads them to becoming badly stained slowly over time and needing a repaint or bleach every couple of years.

Glass Balustrades

If you have, or are expecting, some new, younger roommates, you should maybe consider glass balustrades for your staircase. Not only can you see clearly, but the instant when a young child is attempting the risky feat of climbing your stairs, unlike regularly spaced balustrades, glass balustrades are often made form wide planes of glass, which completely remove the opportunity for small children or pets to slip between or under them and fall.

Glass Wardrobes

Do you want to show off your collection of clothes and shoes, are you sick of having to open almost every door before you find what you're looking for or do you just want to know there's no one hiding in your wardrobe when you're in bed at night? You should definitely check out some glass wardrobe options. Whether clear or opaque and coloured, glass wardrobes can quickly turn a boring-looking room into a modern space.  

Glass Coffee Table

Though a lot more common than the rest, the glass coffee table isn't an item to be overlooked. Putting emphasis on the items set on the table via a partial illusion of levitation, while allowing the rug or floor pattern to be shown off and remain uninterrupted, a glass coffee table, though clear, can add a lot to your lounge room, living room or bedroom.