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Must Have Stained Glass Supplies for Art Glass Beginners

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Most art glass beginners start off with a class, but sometimes these classes are hard to find or afford. This leads beginners to online sources and studying the art of stained glass on their own. If this sounds like the situation you are in, you may be concerned about what supplies are considered must haves and what supplies can be overlooked for later projects. Here are some must have stained glass supplies for art glass beginners that you should consider.

Breaking-Grozing Pliers

In addition to the basics, like rulers and drafting materials, you will need a pair of breaking-grozing pliers. These pliers are used to cut glass pieces, cut additional flux pieces, and to help provide a solid grip on your stained glass projects when you are making adjustments. These pliers are available at most hardware and craft stores and can be found in glass work and tile sections.

Soldering Kit

One of the key supplies for your art glass projects is a soldering kit. You will need this to work with the flux chemical to give you borders and lines in the glass work. A soldering kit will allow you to work with the lead flux to give you lines that work with box and lamp assembly as well as foil assembly and decorative options. These kits generally come with a soldering iron, solder, and basic cutters. You can even find kits that are specifically for stained glass and art glass work. These highly specialized kits come with a station that allows you to hold your glass and lead in place while you solder.

Polishing Brush

You may not think of a polishing brush as a key component to your must-have art glass supply list. The truth is, the polishing brush will give your finished project a professional and completed look. These brushes will help move away dust, debris, and dull finishes from the glass and the lead as well. They are also a key supply in cleaning your stained glass lead panels. These brushes usually fit traditional hand drills and are available in some hand drill kits to be used with other projects.

These are just three of the must-have stained glass and art glass supplies for beginners. If you aren't sure what items may work best for you, consider buying a project kit that includes everything you need. You can get used to the items and decide what items you need for your projects in the future.