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Why Opt for Glass for Your Kitchen's Backsplash?

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A backsplash can protect the walls of your home's kitchen, as food stains can seep through drywall and other such materials and cause permanent stains and damage. A backsplash is much easier to clean off and wipe down when food and cooking oils splatter. Materials like porcelain and glass are also more fire resistant than drywall, making your kitchen safer from the risk of a fire when flames or hot oil reach the wall behind your stovetop. While you have many options of materials from which to choose when it comes to your kitchen's backsplash, note a few reasons why glass might be the best option.

1. Glass can show the paint color behind it

A good way to change up the look of your kitchen is to have a unique paint color on the wall and then a clear glass backsplash over it. When you want a new color in your kitchen, the backsplash can be removed and the paint changed, and then the backsplash reattached to the wall. This can be done by an experienced glazier or glass installer, and it's much more affordable than installing a brand new tile or linoleum backsplash every time you want a new look in your kitchen.

2. Easy to recycle

Glass is very easy to recycle, which is an advantage before and after you have your backsplash attached. You can find recycled glass pieces that can be used for the backsplash when it's installed, and then when you want a change and have the backsplash removed, you can have it recycled again. If you're concerned about the environment and always want to choose eco-friendly materials for your home, glass is the best choice.

3. Neutral look

It can be a challenge to match the backsplash material to your countertops and flooring, and if you have too many dark tones for each material, your kitchen can look cluttered and closed-in. However, a clear glass backsplash is very neutral and won't clash with your countertop material, tile or hardwood on the floor, or any paint color or artwork on the walls. A clear glass also allows you to make changes to any of these surfaces or other features of your kitchen without worrying about having to change your backsplash; you can go from dark brown paint or appliances to white paint and stainless steel appliances without changing the backsplash, or from white paint to a bold yellow or green on the walls and your backsplash will work with any choice. 

Talk to a professional glazier, such as those at Stevens Glass Pty Ltd, for more information about installing a glass backsplash in your kitchen.