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Concerned About Glass Pool Fencing? Three Reasons It's Safer Than You Think!

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Now that you know you need to replace your pool fencing, you are presented with a range of different materials to consider. Glass, timber, and steel are all relevant choices for your new pool fence, but many parents are concerned whether using glass is a wise choice to protect their children. Here are three reasons to help convince you that switching over to glass pool fencing is a lot safer that you may have previously thought.

Glass Fencing Is Reliable

Glass that is used to make pool fencing may give the appearance of being fragile, and you may have concerns that the weight of a child or pet falling against the glass would be enough to make it crack and break. This is not the case.

When speaking to your fencing supplier, ensure that their product uses glass that is at least 10 mm thick and is made of toughened safety glass. This means that if on the off-chance it does break, it will break into small chunks that have no sharp edges, rather than into jagged shards like thinner glass windows do.

Glass Fencing Has Tough Standards

When it comes to meeting Australian standards, there are several different codes that glass pool fencing has to measure up to. These standards cover:

  • the minimum height of the pool fence
  • the maximum gap that exists between the bottom of the pool fence and the ground
  • the type of opening that can be used on the gate of the pool fence

Your pool fencing contractor must be able to easily prove that their product meets the Australian Standard guidelines as the onus of providing pool fencing that meets your council regulations falls on you as the home owner. Check with your local council for clear pool fencing requirements before hiring a contractor if you have any doubts.

Glass Fencing Provides A Benefit Timber And Steel Fences Don't

The final reason that you should consider a glass pool fence is that it can offer you one thing that steel and timber fences cannot, and that is unobstructed visibility. You will do everything in your power to make sure your children never enter the pool area unsupervised, but for those heart-pounding seconds when you cannot locate your child in your home, being able to see clearly through the fence will give you the peace of mind they have not gone somewhere they should not be.

Glass pool fencing from a site like can give you the protection you need to keep your pool safe while providing an aesthetically pleasing surrounding to your pool. Based on these three reasons alone, a glass pool fence should be at the top of your list when discussing your new fencing needs with your contractor.