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3 Services Offered by a Glazier

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If you need to have any type of glass work completed at your home or office, you will need to contract with a glazier to do the job. But if you've never dealt with a glazier before, you may not have any idea what this professional can offer you. So to help you out, here at the most common services you can expect from a glazier.

Safety Glass Installation 

Glaziers are trained to install safety glass at your home or office. Safety glass not only provides protection against breakage, but it also provides protection against harsh weather, including hail, wind and water.

The two most common types of safety glass are laminated glass and tempered glass. Laminated glass is made from multiple sheets of glass that are attached by a plastic layer. Laminated glass is also coated with a film to protect against harmful UV light. Glaziers can customize the glass thickness based on your security needs.

Tempered glass is glass that has been exposed to a high level of heat that makes the glass harder and more resistant to impact. Tempered glass is also built so that when it breaks, it shatters into smaller pieces that are less likely to cut you. Tempered glass is often used in storefronts and on frameless shower doors.

Window Installation 

Glaziers can also cut windows to fit any opening in your home or office, and are especially adept at framing windows with non-traditional material such as aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass. Window installation isn't just about finding the right glass and framing, it's also about complying with the building code, especially in commercial enterprises. Australian standards require that glaziers install new windows with safety glass, correct framing and proper mechanical devices to ensure that the window can also provide an outlet in the event of an emergency.

Glass Upgrades 

Glaziers can also take your existing glass and upgrade them through tinting or by installing Low Emission film on the glass. Glass tint is a film that is applied to all your windows and sliding doors that reacts chemically with the glass and protects it against sunlight, UV rays and weather degradation.

Glaziers apply the tint film, which is made out of PVC, to the inside of the glass, and depending on your preference, glaziers can use a low or medium tint to keep your house cooler and reduce AC costs. Low Emission film is similar to tint film, but it is built into the glass during the manufacturing process as opposed to being applied to already-made glass. Low emission glass reduces the amount of heat that can pass through glass, but unlike a tint film, it reduces glare without darkening your room.