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3 Methods to Remove Scratches from Your Windscreen

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If you've ever had the rubber wiper blades come unclipped from their windscreen wiper brackets during a downpour you'll know what a stressful situation it can be. Not only does it mean you'll probably not be able to see, but the wiper moving across the windscreen can quickly leave long scratches on the glass surface. No scratch should ever interfere with your visibility on the road, but if the gouge is not deep enough to warrant a windscreen replacement, read on to learn how you can effectively remove these scratches from your car windscreen.

Method 1: Windscreen Polishing Kit and Power Drill

The best method for deeper scratches is to buff the glass using a windscreen scratch repair kit containing a cerium oxide compound used for polishing glass, ceramics and metals. Firstly add the paste to the affected area on the windscreen. Next using the abrasive polishing pads included in the kit, attach these to a power drill and at high speed the coarse pads will slowly grind the scratched area smooth. Always follow exact instructions in the polishing kit regarding how long to apply pressure, how much paste to use, and other specific factors.

Method 2: Acrylic Scratch Remover Creams

Minor scratches can be filled by in gaps with a scratch removal cream. Using a clean cloth, these creams are applied as a liquid and then dry with a transparent filling in of the scratch. These also work on glass watch faces, aquariums and acrylic kitchen splashbacks and a limited amount of force. Several applications may be necessary to conceal minor windscreen scratches.

Method 3: Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a mild abrasive that can work for light scratches, smudges and scuffs on the windscreen. Using the same procedure as the acrylic scratch removal creams above, apply toothpaste to the scratched surface on a clean cloth and wipe around the affected area. Car owners have also claimed toothpaste can work well to remove surface scratches on car headlights.

Things to remember:

  • If the scratch is deep enough to catch your fingernail when running your finger over it, it's going to be too deep to repair using the above methods. Should the scratch affect your vision on the road, a windscreen repair or replacement may be necessary through companies like Glasszilla.
  • Do not press too hard with buffing pads or cloths with remover creams otherwise you may cause more scratching. Move in a circular motion slowly and repeat several times before washing.
  • Check wiper blades are free from dirt and grit that could cause future scratching on the glass and invest in quality blades that stay secure.