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3 Contemporary Replacements For Tiled Kitchen Splashbacks

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The kitchen is the heart of every home, and a showpiece which encapsulates the style of your decor. If you're redesigning your kitchen then you might want to consider ditching the traditional tiled splashbacks and using a more contemporary material instead. Here are three modern and edgy splashback ideas for your kitchen.

1. Glass splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are trending as a funky alternative to tiles. Toughened, heat-resistant glass is cut to size and can be attached directly to the plasterboard or particle board which forms the skeleton of your kitchen. Glass splashbacks give your kitchen extra light, and are easily cleaned and maintained.

You can really have fun with glass splashbacks by introducing coloured paint to the underside of the glass. The sky is the limit with colour, and you can choose a hue that enhances the design and accents of the rest of your kitchen. Another option is to use large-scale printed photographs or colourful wallpaper on the underside of the splashback to create a completely unique and eclectic look.

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2. Window splashbacks

Another new trend in splashbacks is to install a window instead of a solid wall. Even a very thin narrow window will flood your kitchen with light and allow you to enjoy the view out into your garden. Make sure you choose toughened glass that won't splinter if it's accidentally hit with a utensil or piece of crockery.

If your kitchen overlooks an outdoor dining area then you might like to install a window that hinges open to become a serving hatch. This is a great idea if you do a lot of outdoor dining and entertaining because it makes serving food easy and allows for greater sociability when you're in the kitchen preparing meals.

3. Stainless steel splashbacks

Traditionally stainless steel splashbacks have always been used in industrial kitchens. This is because they're tough work surfaces that are able to be kept very hygienic due to the non-porous nature of the steel. They are increasingly being incorporated into domestic kitchen design because of these qualities.

They are also popular because they look very edgy and urban. They really suit a kitchen that is all about being streamlined and functional. If you want to tone down the industrial feel then you can use stainless steel splashbacks alongside some softer and more natural materials such as wood or stone to create a warmer and more homely feel.

Kitchen design is no longer just about creating a functional space. It's about creating a beautiful and well-designed room that you enjoy spending time in.